Sci-Fi News: Brian K. Vaughan is Writing a Silver Surfer Movie and I’m Stoked

Reason #1: Yes
Reason #2: Yes
Reason #3: OHMIGOD YES

It’s probably a safe bet that you don’t know who Brian K. Vaughan is, because you’re not a super-nerd like me. That’s fine. I can do some ‘splaining before we get to the heart of the matter.

Brian K. Vaughan is, among other things, one of the finest comic book writers living today. Along with artist Fiona Staples, Vaughan is the creator of Saga, a comic book that you seriously need to read if you haven’t already.

Never mind the wings and horns. This here’s a space opera.

Saga is set in a fictitious strife-ridden galaxy where two humanoid races, one with wings and one with horns, are embroiled in a proxy war, spurred on by two other imperialistic races. One of the horned folk falls in love with one of the winged folk, and they have a hybrid kid, and, well…seems like everybody in the whole galaxy is out to destroy the little family, whether for political gain, profit, or just plain old-fashioned ornery meanness. It’s a swashbuckling, bleak, richly imagined tale, with lots to say about love, family, parenthood, and the ups and downs of each. Thanks to Vaughan’s snappy writing, there’s plenty of snark to go around…not to mention gratuitous nudity and violence.

Anyway, it’s definitely one of the coolest comics I’ve ever read—tightly written and visually interesting. Which is why I was thrilled to read this article on Gizmodo, which states that Mr. Vaughan is penning the script for a Silver Surfer movie. The 20th Century Fox project is such a closely guarded secret that we don’t even have release dates or cast members yet, but the knowledge that Vaughan will be writing it is enough to get me salivating.

Setting that aside, I’m excited that we’ll be finally be getting a proper Silver Surfer movie. Let’s face it: he’s one of the most offbeat and interesting Marvel characters, and we hardly got to know him at all during that forgettable 2007 Fantastic Four sequel. (That movie totally butchered the character of Galactus, too, but we won’t go into that here.)

Anyway, I don’t usually get excited about so-and-so famous person writing/directing such-and-such a movie. The last time I felt this way was when I heard that Peter Jackson would be directing the Halo movie…and then I tasted the bitterness of disappointment when that project fell through. Now one of my favorite comic writers is writing a movie about one of my favorite comic book characters, and, well…I guess it’s fanboy time. I’m totally stoked.

Side note: I really need to lay off the chardonnay before I start blogging.