Awesome Sci-Fi Art Roundup, #3


I found today’s featured artwork on Coolvibe. The artist is Nick Foreman, who works for a company called Sumo Digital based in Sheffield, England. (Here’s his profile on ArtStation. He’s also on DeviantArt.) The work itself is called “Elevated City,” and is “concept art for RPG game based on ‘Intergalactic Space Rangers’ TV show,” according to Nick’s description. I browsed Nick’s profiles and galleries on ArtStation and DeviantArt and it seems he does mostly post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic punk sci-fi art, so getting to see space art like this is a rare treat.

Pieces like this just tickle me to death. There’s so much going on. It’s a feast for the eyes and the imagination (especially if I’ve been writing like hell for days and days and the well of my imagination is running dry). I like to just sit here and speculate on the nature of those two zippy-looking spacecraft in the foreground. Are they hypervelocity spaceplanes? Space fighters? Alien scout ships canvassing future Earth on the eve of invasion? And how about the city itself? I’ve always wondered what exactly humanity plans to do about its runaway population problems. Elevated cities seem to be a rather drastic measure—they plunge the lands beneath into eternal night, making them useless for agriculture and convenient breeding grounds for crime and dystopia. But it does increase the surface area of the planet considerably, almost like having the benefits of one of Larry Niven’s Ringworlds without the enormous construction costs. And what’s that glowing circular thing just below the city? An arc reactor a la Iron Man? An ion cannon warming up to blast those two hyper-planes out of the sky?

Who knows? That’s the fun of cool sci-fi art. Sit back, absorb, and enjoy.