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Andrew Timothy Post, freelance writer and author
My hair never has nor ever will look that good again.

Mad writing skills? I have them. During my 10-year career, I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter, opinion columnist, travel blogger, technical writer, and marketing copywriter…and, just for fun, as a scribbler of short science fiction stories and full-length sci-fi and historical fiction novels.

I graduated from North Dakota State University in December 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Broadcasting, and Mass Communication Technologies. (Quite the mouthful, I know…the words ran off the edge of the diploma.) I minored in English, too. I’m also a classically trained bartender and a private pilot. My hobbies are traveling, keeping a weekly diary, mixing delicious drinks, smoking pipes and cigars, flying small airplanes, reading classical literature (and tons of sci-fi, of course), watching Akira Kurosawa films, travel blogging (brand-new blog launching soon), and writing historical and science fiction. My not-so-secret addictions are Blue Diamond almonds, anime, and Ray Harryhausen films.

Most of my professional experience is in technical writing and marketing copywriting, both of which I excel at doing. But my true medium is educational writing. Whether you need a 200-word blurb written about the Napoleonic Wars or a 1,000-word how-to guide to getting a pilot’s license or mixing the perfect Bahama Mama, I’m your man. I’m professional, timely, diligent, respectful, amicable, and deadline-oriented. When I take you on as a client, no job’s too small (or too large), no details are overlooked, and no copy is left unpolished.

Find my complete professional writing portfolio here. Visit my Facebook page and Twitter account to learn more about me. As an author, I can also be found on Amazon and Goodreads writing historical fiction and science fiction.

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