Awesome Sci-Fi Art Roundup, #7

Mark Li Shanghai concept art sci-fi art spaceship art
This is an original work by Mark Li. All rights go to the author of the work. No copyright infringement intended.

Today’s piece of artwork is by Mark Li, whom I’ve featured before on my blog. His stuff is just so dang good: lovingly rendered, crystal clear, and amazingly stimulating to the imagination. I’m actually not sure whether this is a piece of Star Wars concept art (Li has been known to do a lot of that). Whether it is or it isn’t, this is my favorite type of sci-fi art: distant planets, glowing spaceships, broad, new horizons. To me, that’s what sci-fi is all about.

Author: Andrew T. Post

Andrew T. Post is a science fiction writer, journalist, traveler, thinker, and blogger based in the Central Valley of California.

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