Awesome Sci-Fi Art Roundup, #1

I love sci-fi and fantasy art. Nothing gets my imagination going faster than jumping on the web and heading to Wallpaper Abyss or DeviantArt and perusing the latest uploads. There are some dreadfully talented artists out there putting their imaginations to paper and pixel, and the neat thing about the web is that they get to share their creations with the entire world. I’ve decided that one of my regular installments on this blog is going to be sci-fi art. Maybe it’ll get your creative juices flowing the way it gets mine going.

We’ll start with what might be my very favorite piece of sci-fi art ever: Deepness Dawn by Greg Martin. - digital art

Martin (not to be confused with the eminent Greg Martin, animator for Hanna-Barbera, who recently passed away) is a prolific artist and photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. I forget how exactly I stumbled across him, but his space art has never ceased to wow me. I mean, just look at that image up there. I can think of ten great sci-fi short stories I could start writing just after glancing at this image for a couple of seconds. Just the name “Deepness Dawn” gives me the shivers.

Martin’s professional website is here and his DeviantArt profile is here.


Author: Andrew T. Post

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