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Andrew Timothy Post, freelance writer and author
My hair never has nor ever will look that good again.

Mad writing skills? I have them. During my 10-year career, I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter, opinion columnist, travel blogger, technical writer, and marketing copywriter…but my true passion is fiction. I’ve been self-employed as a scribbler of short stories and novels since the age of 19.

In my spare time, I majored in journalism at North Dakota State University. I graduated in late 2007, and when the crash of 2008 came and jobs were thin on the ground, I moved abroad. I lived in South Korea for four nonconsecutive years while working as an English teacher, including a two-year stint as  assistant professor of English at Sejong University in Seoul. In between jaunts to Korea, I graduated from bartender school in California and got my pilot’s license. My hobbies are traveling, keeping a weekly diary, mixing highballs, smoking pipes, shooting guns, flying small airplanes, reading Stoic philosophy and historical nonfiction (and tons of sci-fi, of course), watching Akira Kurosawa films, and (of course) writing. My not-so-secret addictions are hummus, Jethro Tull, video games, and correcting people’s grammar.

I write mostly science fiction, but my first published novel was a work of historical fiction called Mugunghwa: The Wreck of the Rose of Sharon. I’ve been known to scribble a poem or two when the Muse descends, and I’ve published a few nonfiction travel articles here and there. Find my complete professional writing portfolio here. I used to be heavily into social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) but it cut into my writing time, so now I mostly hang out on Quora. As an author, I can also be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

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